# README Welcome to Uncloak, a community-maintained knowledge wiki experiment, aiming to increase the accessibility of cryptography for developers, researchers, and everyone else. Our approach to knowledge organization attempts to incorporate basic ideas about how knowledge is constructed by representing links between concepts as connections between nodes in a graph. We believe this approach may help to clarify how to approach cryptography as a field for readers of all levels, while aiming to maintain a high standard for what information is relevant for different audiences. Uncloak is currently working on two projects: the [cryptography wiki at uncloak.org](https://uncloak.org), which we're soliciting [help with via PRs to our Github](https://github.com/thor314/uncloak), and weekly study groups. Our first study group on [[course-Rust Cryptography Engineering Study Group Syllabus|Cryptography Engineering with Rust]] launched November 18, 2022, and there are plans for further study groups in the works. The site will initially focus on generating content directed at cryptography learners and developers in cryptography engineering and zero knowledge, as we see these fields as most lacking in resources. Where there are already decent existing resources (Wikipedia pages, blog posts, etc.), the site will aim to link to them, while we expand content in target areas where the need is greater. These stubs are great candidates for first-time-contributions. Work on site content began in November 2022. The site graph is presently sparse but growing. If you see an area you might like to improve, we appreciate contributions to the site. Currently, the best way to do so is by opening an issue or pull request on our [Github](https://github.com/thor314/uncloak). If you're reading this from Github, the site is hosted at https://uncloak.org. Though the site is hosted via [Obsidian Publish](https://obsidian.md/publish), you don't need to use [Obsidian](https://obsidian.md/) to contribute to the site; all files are pure Markdown. We're currently working on resources for site contributors. Site content is licensed under the Unlicense and will remain free and open. Our [Discord](https://discord.gg/TYwr4pMS2h) is a good place to ask questions and connect with contributors. We also have a [Twitter](https://twitter.com/uncloakcrypto) account for site-related announcements. [[general cryptography/Topic-Cryptography|Click here, or on the graph, to continue to the site root node on cryptography]]. ## Tips for making best use of the site If you've ever rabbit-holed on Wikipedia and thought, "oh that went pretty well, but the relationship between those concepts is still a little unclear" then you basically already know what the site is about. This site aims to address the issue that it can be difficult to know where a particular concept or tool fits in context. Hyperlinks between typical wiki pages demonstrate connections between concepts, but without much context. The graph is an attempt at generating that context. To see this in action, take a look at the path from [Topic-Number Theory](https://uncloak.org/related+topics/number+theory/Topic-Number+Theory) to the [Algorithm-Extended Euclidean Algorithm](https://uncloak.org/related+topics/number+theory/Algorithm-Extended+Euclidean+Algorithm). If you're viewing this from the website, you can see the path traverses [Set-Integers](https://uncloak.org/related+topics/number+theory/Set-Integers) and [Algorithm-Euclidean Algorithm](https://uncloak.org/related+topics/number+theory/Algorithm-Euclidean+Algorithm). Each page includes an interactive graph component, allowing the user to see and explore connections between pages. Clicking the amoeba-looking icon at the top right allows you to see the entire site graph. The site graph can sometimes be a bit messy, try expanding the graph (button in the top right of the graph), zooming in or dragging nodes around to get a clearer view. *Mobile users: there is unfortunately no way to render the site graph on mobile, but you can still use the search bar and explore the site directory organization.* The site graph can sometimes be a bit messy; pages are also organized by folders, representing what primary topics the page falls under. Folders can be navigated in the left sidebar. The sidebar also contains a search bar, for readers who already have some idea of what information they're trying to find. Similar to Wikipedia, **hovering over any internal link will produce a modal pop-up** with the contents of that resource. This works recursively; you can produce nested pop-ups by hovering over links in the pop-up. Each directory in the site has a **topic page**. Topic pages are great places to start your explorations, as every other page in the topic links back to the topic page. Topic pages are an attempt to organize a *Map of Contents* of the subject, while topic page content aims to introduce the topic, and give a general guide of how to navigate the topic area. Most pages on the site are under construction, but each page has a section for external resources on each subject. If you'd like to propose a change to a page or suggest a resource, we'd love your help! See the [[meta-Uncloak Contributor Guide|Uncloak Contributor Guide]] for a guide on contributing. ## How to give The site would not be possible without the support of grants and donations. The site maintainer works full time on improving site content, alongside volunteer contributors. If you would like to support the continued growth of the site, consider donating. Some addresses are managed through Kraken, which may include a minimum deposit. We also participate in [Gitcoin Grants](https://gitcoin.co/grants/9478/uncloak-cryptography) rounds. The next round is anticipated to start in late November; we will make an announcement on the [Uncloak Twitter](https://twitter.com/uncloakcrypto) when the round is beginning. - [Patreon](https://www.patreon.com/uncloak/membership) - Paypal: @thorck (may be challenged for last 4 cell digits: 7582) - Venmo: @cryptograthor - Eth/Polygon/Optimism/Arbitrum/zkSync: 0xaE72f891Fc9914b13a90cbED799ee73359077bee - Bitcoin: 3JyCwpwpUkXRiiQQqQ2fq3omvLZF1Jtz4N (min deposit: 0.0001 BTC) - Cosmos: cosmos15lescyy00y6v8nz5ujxn4ry3wpltxklr30pd22 (min deposit: 1 ATOM) - Polkadot: 13Mpe6FR2Tm968QpH62WMTaafwpqePaJXpxwvXbitBu7xwyx (min deposit: 1 DOT) - Solana: 6SBQGqhfnazaEQQycvk2MSbNtgjwhTK8TgrujNxBgsW (min deposit: 0.01 SOL) - Monero: 8ARaWkq7BBm3EMoRxg635qA3V1VZLzwbaWGqNvCxyDf28SFpgH3prxUduhtSaKFFsDg69HFqNMGxxJJZJ5Zk4G7NVmuvePC (min deposit: 0.1 XMR) - Zcash: t1bMzCnGkCz5SYGmnpAnTn6SRECvuwdiv5X (min deposit: 0.00500 ZEC)